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Exceptional Electric can save you money with solar panel installation (commonly referred to as Photovoltaic or PV panels). There has never been a better time than now to start saving money by lowering your energy bills. Thousands of homeowners, as well as big businesses, have been benefiting from solar for decades. If Exceptional Electric can’t save you money on your utility bills and provide a reasonable return on your investment, we won’t ask for your business.

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    The price of electric will continue to rise, but can offset your electric utility bill by installing a PV array now. If you are in the Ameren power supply district, they are currently offering $2.00 per watt rebate (some restrictions apply) and you are eligible for federal tax credits for up to 30% of your installation. While Missouri’s renewable energy credits are not the best when compared to the coastal states, Exceptional Electric will work hard to find any and every credit legally available to you when designing your solar system. With these rebates the paybacks on systems is quicker than ever making more sense to install your system now. Solar panels increase the value of your home and make it more marketable since your home is not subject to increasing electric rates. Remember the last time you purchased a home or maybe when you sold a home, the question that frequently came up from buyers was, "What are the costs of utilities associated with the house?" If your home is equipped with solar panels you may be able to say with proof, "We don’t have any bills for several months out of the year and when we do, the bill is as little as $15-$25."


    While there have been minor changes in solar technology over the years, the overall construction and design has basically stayed the same. There have been and continue to be numerous changes to the inverters from stand alone, to micro, to inverters installed on the module from the factory. As the changes come, Exceptional Electric will stay on top of them, so we are able to offer our customers the best value for their individual needs. Exceptional Electric will assist you through the entire process starting with the initial free consultation to the completion when the system is turned on and commissioned by the utility company. We’ll be there for all the in-betweens as well; paperwork, permitting, installation and inspections.

    Once the installation is complete and inspected, Ameren will install a net meter. There will be NO CHANGE in the way you do things on a daily basis. The only change you will see is the decrease in your electric utility bill. Imagine not having an electric bill for several months out of the year; it happens all the time!

    Already have a PV system? We can help you, too. Exceptional Electric also troubleshoots, modifies and/or adds to your existing system.


    VERY LITTLE! During allergy season, you can turn off the disconnect and hose off the panels for maximum efficiency. They will still work if you don’t do this, but their output will be slightly less; rain will eventually clean them off. This is not a recommended procedure for most homeowners. If it becomes a problem call Exceptional Electric at 636-296-7789, and we will help decide if it makes sense to deal with the situation or let it deal with itself. If the panels are covered by snow, they won’t produce electricity, but since they are usually installed at such an angle, they seldom get completely covered. If this would happen, though, the output could be an issue. The solution is to dust the snow off the array when convenient.

    Reliability and Dependability

    If the sun comes up and you have solar panels, you will be producing electricity. If the sun comes up and you don’t have solar panels, you have lost a great opportunity that you can’t get back. Most PV panels have a 25 year warranty. If you are installing them on your roof, they will likely out last your roof. Big business, like military, government, telecommunications and oil industries have been using solar technology for years mainly because it is so dependable.

    Real Life Story

    People are constantly concerned, and rightly so, about how effective the solar panels are on days when there is not a lot of sunshine. We did an installation of a 4,000 watt roof mounted array with a 5,000 watt Sunny Boy inverter. On this particular install, I went to the job to install the 5,000 watt inverter. It was a damp and dreary April day and as I was headed to the job, I remember thinking what a great day it was to test a system. I arrived around 8:45AM. We had the inverter installed by 9:15AM and then started to run the inverter through the set up mode (which takes about 15 minutes). We were talking and doing some testing and monitoring the set up function. At the end of the set mode, the system showed that it was outputting 250 watts. With in a couple of minutes it was up to 500 watts and fifteen minutes later, it was up to 1,250 watts. As it turns out it was a great day to test a system. The homeowner told me in late August that she hadn’t paid an electric bill in 3 months.

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