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Exceptional Electric offers electrician services in a variety of installation, repair and contractor jobs. People may not realize the amount of repair jobs that need an electrician. It is no surprise that much of today’s technology and household appliances rely on electricity to function. In fact, much of a person’s lifestyle revolves around using electricity on a daily basis. Since we are so dependent on electricity, it is important to have strong and reliable electrical systems set up in our homes and businesses.

At Exceptional Electric, no job is too small or large for our team of trained electricians. We will complete each job with the highest level of care, skill and attention to detail that we can muster. Providing this service for people in Kirkwood, MO and the surrounding 63122 area, our team of trained electricians will provide quality service at an efficient rate.

Since one faulty wire or mistake can lead to a fire, explosion, accident or injury of people in the building, our team will practice caution that comes with expertise to prevent these scenarios from occurring. Exceptional Electric will prevent any future problems by completing the job correctly the first time. Below are a few of the services we offer.

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    Home Lighting Service

    Our team will repair any problems with your lighting system at home and can help install one. For anyone who is living in an older house, the wiring system may need replacement. In other cases, installing light fixtures to the ceiling or throughout the house can be dangerous if done incorrectly.

    Our professional service can ensure safe installation of any lighting services and that the lighting remains in effect. We can help install outdoor lighting for one’s backyard, security lighting, lighting control systems and more. When it comes to repairs, it may take more than flipping the circuit breaker switch or replacing a light bulb. If there are sparks from an electrical source, call our office at 1-636-296-7789. We will send out an electrician to discover the problem and offer a solution.

    Lighting Design

    At Exceptional Electric, we understand that people enjoy having a specific style in their home. One’s lighting design does not need to be any different. We can help repair and install dimmer switches, outdoor lighting, security lighting, lighting control systems, track lighting, accent lighting and much more.

    We will make sure to help your requests and visions for your lighting design become a reality, if possible. While helping to install the lighting designs in your home, we will keep safety in mind and complete the task with professionalism.

    Residential Living

    When it comes to one’s lifestyle, electricity is a necessary component. Electricity powers most, if not all, of the regular technology one uses each day. Regardless of how old or new the wiring in a house is, there are always reasons something can stop working or break. When repairs are necessary, our trained electricians will be available to help find a long-lasting solution.

    Our team can even help with noisy bathroom fans, attic fans, data/communication lines, network/computer cabling, hot tub and spa circuits, electric water heaters, smoke detectors and more. Let us help to troubleshoot the issue and offer the best and safe solution. Exceptional Electric can help to make the electrical system in your house strong, reliable and safe.

    Ceiling Fan Installation

    Ceiling fans are a practical addition to a home, providing a method of cool air and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. However, if someone does not complete the installation correctly, a ceiling fan can cause more damage to the home. By purchasing an energy star qualified ceiling fan, you can save money on your electrical bill and reduce the use of your air conditioning.

    In attempting to hang a ceiling fan without a professional, people risk their loved ones and can cause more damage than they realize. The electricians at Exceptional electric know how to safely install and wire a ceiling fan so that you do not have to worry about using it in the future.

    Commercial Electrician

    When it comes to a commercial business or restaurant, the proper electrical wiring is crucial for business. Electrical problems may not only be a safety hazard but will halt productivity as well. By having a commercial electrician from Exceptional Electric, you can relax knowing that we will discover the problem and find a long-term solution to it in an efficient manner.

    We can also ensure that data/communication lines are in functioning order, repair lighted signs, replace ballast/lamps and more. We will help to ensure that your building, business or restaurant is up to code and safe for personnel.

    Parking Lot Lighting

    For a commercial business building or restaurant, the overall presentation of the building is an important factor for appearance and functionality. A business with poor lighting in the parking lot can become a problem for customers. Employees may also have trouble with poor or faulty parking lot lighting.

    Faulty lighting in a parking lot or on a sign of the building can give an unprofessional appearance that pushes people away. Exceptional Electric will be able to help ensure that your parking lot is well-lit and fully functional. We can help repair parking lot lights and troubleshoot problems with weak lighting.

    Solar Panel Installation

    Installing solar panels can save you more money on your electricity bill than you may realize. The installation of solar panels is not as easy as simply setting up the panels in the sun. Simple steps necessary to ensure strong energy include placing the panels in an area that receives the most sunlight, properly installing and attaching the panels.

    Exceptional Electric has the knowledge and skill to not only properly install the panels but to also troubleshoot and modify a solar panel system in the future. Fortunately, solar panels on your part require little to no maintenance. Even cleaning them is not necessarily a requirement except in certain circumstances. If you believe solar panels are the right choice for you, call us about installation today so you can save money on your next electric bill.

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