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The U.S. Energy Information Administration states that in 2014, average annual electricity consumption for a U.S. residential utility customer was 10,932-kilowatt hours (kWh), an average of 911 KWh per month. If that is the amount of electricity one household uses, one can only imagine the amount of electricity a commercial business or restaurant uses. Electricity is a resource all businesses, small or large, rely on for everyday function and productivity. No business can afford to cut corners with improper or faulty electrical work in a building.

In the early stages of starting a small commercial business or restaurant, the electrical wiring is a crucial element. Without the proper electrical wiring and systems in place, the construction process can become drawn out and complicated. No one enjoys having to backtrack due to a mistake or to missing a crucial step. You need an electrician service that you can rely on, with the ever-changing building codes, applications and interpretations of different municipalities.

Even the smallest mistake in electrical wiring for a building can cause an electrical fire. A mistake can also lead to accidents, explosions or damage to personnel in the building. To keep the building up to code and keep the occupants safe, Exceptional Electric does not cut corners.

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    Signs Your Building May Need Electrical Repair

    It can be difficult to complete work in a building that has faulty wiring or unreliable electricity. Even a faulty outlet can slow down the work day and cause more problems if left unresolved. Fortunately, when a commercial building or business has electrical issues, it will be noticeable. Most electrical issues are noticeable and will result in more than just the power shutting off. Some of the main signs that indicate a hazardous electrical problem include:

    • Sparking or sparks near electrical sources
    • An acrid smell throughout the building
    • Smoke in certain places or throughout the building
    • Warping of materials placed around outlets or light switches

    If you notice any of these issues in the building, have one of our electricians come out and look at the problem as soon as possible. Our electrician will be able to determine the issue and treat it safely. One mistake in attempting to fix a problem and an electrical fire can break out. In the interest of safety, if your building is old or is displaying any of these issues, have one of our electricians inspect the building.

    Licensed Electrical Contractors and Commercial Electricians

    At Exceptional Electric, our team of licensed electricians has gone through the necessary courses to know and identify the phases of installation in electrical construction. Our electricians understand the differences of wiring depending on the architectural style and age of the building, while also offering tips on how to maintain the electrical equipment once the installation has been complete.

    The team of licensed electrical contractors at Exceptional Electrical can help with a variety of repair and installation requests in a building while keeping to the current codes. Since the building codes and requirements are ever-changing, we will keep updated on all of that information to ensure your building is up to the standards set by the state.

    Our electricians will also go through the process with you and make sure you understand everything clearly. This way, there will be no confusion or surprises throughout the process. Upon reaching the location, our team will assess the current situation and begin the work necessary to fix the problem.

    Our commercial electrician services include:

    • Data/ Communication Lines
    • Ballast/ Lamp Replacement
    • Lighting Maintenance
    • Parking Lot Lighting
    • Lighted Sign Repair
    • Dedicated Circuits
    • 220-volt Circuits
    • Exhaust Fans
    • Transformers

    In the cases with an older building, the electrical wiring may not be up to code or able to handle the amount of electricity current technology requires. When this is the problem, our electricians can help to rewire the building and make sure the new wiring functions safely.

    Along with the installation and repair, we will make sure to go over proper care to ensure long-lasting results. At Exceptional Electric, our goal is to make sure that you have safe, efficient and fully functional electricity for a long time.

    Punctual Service

    At Exceptional Electric, we will make sure to arrive on time and remain as schedule as best as possible. In any project, there is a chance for an increase in time waiting for a part to arrive or unforeseen problems that may arise. At Exceptional Electric, we will prepare for any and all possible problems we can and do everything in our power to finish the project on time.

    If there is a change in the schedule or the need for us to order parts, we will keep you informed the entire way. There will be no surprises or confusion throughout the process. We will handle all of the preparation and complete the task efficiently and punctually. We understand that this building is important to you and will treat it with care. Even if it is a simple repair, we will treat it with same professionalism and skill that we use to re-wire a building. We can promise that your business or building will have a strong and reliable electrical system set up by our team.

    We can also help repair the outer appearance of your building, commercial business or restaurant through our services. We can help repair parking lot lighting, ballast/lamp replacement or lighted sign repair to give a professional appearance that reflects the professionalism and style of the business. We will help make sure that your building is up to code and safe for all personnel while guaranteeing a professional presentation as well.

    While setting up or taking care of the electrical services in a building can be difficult, we can help take care of all of it. With our licensed electrical contractors, we can ensure quality electrical installation, professional lighting design and efficient service throughout the entire process. Our team will work hard to ensure long-lasting and quality electrical services for your business or building. For more information or to request a service, call us at 636-296-7789.

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