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Lots of homeowners who aren’t electricians attempt to do Electrical Repair. Especially during the rough-in phase of putting an addition on their house. While such Electrical Repair might seem mundane, there aren’t many do-it-yourselfers who know that local and state building departments require certain licenses and permits or that The National Electrical Code dictates minimum requirements for safe electrical installation. On top of that, local building authorities often impose additional codes. In some areas, the homeowner is restricted from performing electrical work unless they are a licensed or certified electrician. Having to do code corrections will end up costing more in the long run.

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    All too often when someone who isn’t licensed or certified attempts to wire a home, the work isn’t up to code. Unfortunately, this can result in personal injury, property damage, fire and in extreme cases death. Working with electricity is dangerous. The electricians at Exceptional Electric are licensed, certified and bonded and know local and state building codes as well as what The National Electrical Code dictates. Our electricians identify electrical issues that aren’t to code and provide solutions. The trouble with identifying electrical code violations in your home is that they’re not obvious and many issues are hidden within electrical boxes behind drywall and outlet covers.

    This is why hundreds of St. Louis families turn to the electricians at Exceptional Electric to identify and correct electrical code violations in their homes. If you’ve recently bought a home, it’s a good idea to have an Exceptional Electric electrician inspect your home’s electrical system. As thorough as many home inspections are when a home is purchased, there are some things that can get overlooked or missed. If you’ve experienced interference in electronics or communication like your TV or your phone, you may have uninsulated contact between low- and line-voltage wires in a box. This can damage equipment and in some cases cause a fire.

    If the home you’ve purchased is over 25 years old, the home’s electrical system may experience compatibility issues related to safe operating temperatures. When the system was installed it wasn’t made to support newer fixtures today that often overload older wiring systems. In some cases, someone improperly installed an upgrade which can cause a fire. You may have also noticed the home’s previous owners stapled wires across the undersides of floor joists with the wires supporting hanging objects. There are specific rules that dictate the number of wires that may be run through holes in floor joists. If there are too many holes in the floor joists, the home’s structural integrity is at risk. By the same token, if too many wires are running through holes in the floor joists, friction and overheating could ensue and fire could result.

    Many do it yourselfers think installing ceiling lights and smoke detectors is no big deal. But it becomes a big deal when you put your family at risk because you didn’t abide by building codes, keeping 3 inches of space between the light and insulation. If you have a light that works intermittently, you may have insulation that is pressed up to them or over them. The result could be injury, property damage or fire. This is why IC-rated (insulation contact) lights are a better option. When thermal protectors fail, lights become extremely hot, overheat, and cause a fire. Short circuits can also go undetected. This is why it’s best to keep your family safe and rely on the electricians at Exceptional Electric.

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