Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan for Your Bedroom

Are you looking to add something both functional and visually appealing to your bedroom? Consider having a ceiling fan installed. Ceiling fans help circulate air throughout a space while adding a nice accent point.

Ceiling Fan Color and Style

Ceiling fans can help complete the overall look of a bedroom, particularly if they complement the room’s layout, style, colors, tones, and general ambiance. Ceiling fans are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and looks. For example, for the fan blades, you can choose from traditional (paddle blades), industrial, and decorative (palm leaves, chili peppers, metallic, painted, patterned) styles. Choose the color and style that suits your tastes as well as the overall look of your bedroom.

Ceiling Fan Size

Another factor to consider is size; in fact, size is probably one of the biggest considerations to keep in mind when choosing a ceiling fan for your bedroom. Ceiling fan with lightNot sure if you should go big or small? Keep in mind that the bigger the fan, the more area the fan will cover and the more air it will be able to circulate; however, you don’t want the ceiling fan to overwhelm your room visually. Choose the biggest fan that will fit without it “overpowering” your room. Small ceiling fans generally have blade spans ranging from 24 to 36 inches, and are used for very small spaces, such as hallways, bathrooms, and walk-in closets (approx. 6 x 6 feet). Medium-sized fans generally have blade spans ranging from 37 to 48 inches, and are most often used in children’s bedrooms and small offices (approx. 10 x 10). These sizes are usually not recommended for a standard-sized bedroom, as they will not circulate the air well enough. The “standard” (and most popular) size for ceiling fans is around 49 to 55 inches for blade span, and is used in bedrooms, larger offices, living rooms, and dens (approx.. 12 x 12). If you have a larger-than-average bedroom, at around 15 x 15 feet or larger, you will probably need a larger-sized ceiling fan (56+-inch blade span), or two standard-sized fans. You will also need to factor in your ceiling height. For maximum air circulation, the fan blades of your ceiling fan should be about eight to nine feet above the floor. If you have a high ceiling, you’ll need an extended down rod; lower ceilings may require a low-ceiling mount.

Bedroom Layout

Before choosing a ceiling fan for your bedroom, you’ll need to consider your bedroom’s overall layout to determine where on the ceiling the fan will go. Generally, fans are installed in the center of the room so the air can flow evenly throughout the room. However, some larger rooms require multiple fans. Also, keep in mind that it’s a safety hazard to install a fan directly over your bed.

Price versus Quality

You will need a good-quality ceiling fan; don’t settle for a cheap imitation just because it costs less. Your fan should be sturdy, safe, effective, quiet, and durable. A cheaply made fan will not be worth it down the road—particularly if you hire an electrician to install it. If you can’t afford the price of a high-quality ceiling fan, save up some money until you can.

Let Us Install It

Don’t forget to think about electricity when selecting a ceiling fan for your bedroom. Find out if your electrical circuit can handle it, because you don’t want it to be overloaded. This is especially important if you want to purchase a fan that includes a light fixture. If your circuit cannot hold the required capacity, a new circuit needs to be run from the home’s main panel to the ceiling fan. Of course, ensuring your ceiling fan is installed both correctly and safely is paramount, so it’s highly recommended that you consult and hire a qualified electrical contractor like Exceptional Electric to do this job.

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