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101 West Argonne Dr #182 Kirkwood, MO 63122
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23 Feb, 2022
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What is Regular Pole Lighting Maintenance?

Light poles are something we take for granted until they are no longer available to us because we failed to provide regular pole lighting maintenance. When a loved one is walking to their car late at night you want to know that they have necessary protection available from crime and lighting an area is one of the best ways you can protect them. For apartment complexes, planned communities, and various businesses, light poles can also save a lot of money by preventing vandalism. Light poles also make it easier to navigate dark roads, walkways and help to avoid accidents and injuries.

We must keep in mind that light poles are man-made structures and they are susceptible to decay and eventual failure from metal fatigue, wind-induced vibrations, corrosion, or overloading. This is why we want to keep our light poles in working order and this means we must have them inspected and maintained regularly.

Necessary maintenance

A light pole will not stand without a strong base and this means that mounting bolts must be replaced periodically. If there is any corrosion to the light pole it should be repaired by removing the affected sections and then welding in new panels. Sometimes scuffing, denting and scratching from passersby and vehicles cause damage that can be corrected by cleaning and recoating. Other times the entire pole must be replaced.

Oftentimes fasteners must be replaced and this includes nuts, bolts, and screws that work loose over time. Each fastener must be kept tight and nut covers should be replaced when needed to prevent tampering. Handhole and base covers are necessary for the protection of passersby and to keep out moisture. Arms, brackets, light fixtures, and other attachments should be fastened tightly and if they are not these parts must be tightened or replaced if needed.

The electrical system must be maintained carefully or the entire light pole is useless. Another concern is that there could be a stray current, shorts, or defective grounds that could be a shock hazard or cause injury in some other way. Light bulbs and ballasts must be replaced regularly and also photosensors, timers, and other controls need to be repaired or replaced regularly.

Establish a regular schedule

Pole lighting maintenance must be established on a regular schedule. In addition to visual inspections, there will inevitably be the need for immediate repairs. Ground resistance must be continually tested and maintained and all maintenance should be recorded to not only account for services performed but to keep track of future maintenance needs.

There will also be times when someone reports a problem or failure with a light pole and this will serve as a non-scheduled call to action. Having documentation of all past services will help your maintenance crew better predict the future likelihood of such non-scheduled maintenance so that they can keep things running smoothly. When problems arise immediate action must be taken to ensure pole lighting maintenance for the protection and safety of a community’s citizens and the protection of its property because shedding light on crime and negligence are our best options for keeping them away.

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